Authentic beauty can have different meanings among individuals, it’s about being true to one’s true self, embracing imperfections and flaws. Beauty is like art, there are no pieces of art that are identical. Similarly, there is no beauty without imperfection, and each individual possesses their own distinctive form of beauty. Therefore, individuals should acknowledge and confidently embrace their imperfections unapologetically, as these imperfections are an integral aspect of beauty. It is important to recognise that each individual possesses intrinsic worth, independent of societal beauty standards that fail to celebrate this uniqueness.

London Fashion Week
London Fashion Week

Analogous to art, beauty is diverse and attempting to conform to conventional beauty norms is a suppression, denying the diverse expressions of beauty. True beauty begins with self- acceptance, and originates from within, reflecting the essence of your character through the choices you make, how you present yourself, and how you treat others. Therefore, let us celebrate our skills, abilities, talents, intellect rather than placing emphasis on superficial aspects such as body size, skin colour, and conforming to societal beauty standards. In contrast, let us spread awareness and encourage mental fitness and well-being, body positivity, self care, and the importance of human connection. This involves actively engaging in listening, caring, expressing love towards one another.

There should be more celebration and appreciation of the many forms that complete what beauty, including: the acts of kindness, love, respect, honesty and loyalty. Reflecting on cultures throughout history, it becomes evident that beauty can finds its foundation in morality, integrity, kindness, loyalty and faith. These were once universal virtues and values shared collectively. Regrettably, this commonality has waned, at least in widespread acceptance. This is unfortunate because a life without a moral compass, individuals may find themselves adrift. A predicament already faced by many, but let us find solace in the fact that not everyone is lost. As uniquely and beautifully made individuals, we ought to re-embrace the shared values, principles, and faith that were once woven into the fabric of our existence. This is what holds significance and will continue to bind us together. Holding steadfast to the principles of truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance is paramount.

I would assert that authentic beauty is inseparable from true happiness. The act of being loved and accepted for who you are empowers you to embrace your beauty—a state of untarnished joy reminiscent of a child. The right to happiness is inherent to all, and there exists a moral obligation to embrace this birthright. True beauty thrives in the richness of diversity. To quote singer, songwriter, Britt Nicole: “let’s focus on being pretty kind, pretty funny, pretty smart and pretty strong” rather than solely on external appearances.

Additionally, I would appreciate hearing your insight, my beloved readers. What does authentic beauty truly mean to you?

With love Victoria