Example of Magazine Cover and 4 pages spread


As part of my degree, I worked on a project where I designed the front covers for newspapers and magazines, drafting page layout, design trends, and editorial spread. I acquired various skills in researching, writing compelling articles, and creating engaging content, using a number of different technical software including: InDesign, Affinity publisher, Affinity designer, Affinity photos and Gimp.

Interview: The Importance of Arts Education

Another project I worked on during my degree was around digital video editing. This was a complex project where end-to-end I single-handedly produced a film interview. I had to write a production log, which is a diary of every element involved in the project. In it, I documented the entire filming process, including pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution. I recorded several videos, using different cameras, which I then edited using DaVinci Resolve software and filmed the B-rolls myself. Creating a weblog, I added a page and published it to my website, which I designed myself.