January is my birthday month, making it a good time for quiet reflection on how far I have come and acknowledge the successes and failures, as these have shaped the woman that I am today. I love the simple things in life and nature is a constant source of joy for me, as it enables me to appreciate the magnificent handiwork of God. This year for the first time I visited Switzerland, where I enjoyed exploring local traditions, cuisine, history and the breathtaking mountain landscapes.

A Memorable Adventure in the Swiss Apls
A Memorable Adventure with my daughter and husband

It was my daughter’s first real experience surrounded by the beauty of high mountains and snow, and this was my first time skiing. Whether seeking adventure, relaxation, or cultural exploration, a holiday to the Swiss Alps offers positive effects both physically and mentally. For me this skii break with my husband and daughter was incredibly relaxing and energising at the same time.

Skiing for the first time

Every time I fell down while skiing, I glanced up at my instructor. It was evident in his eyes that he struggled to suppress laughter, because I was too busy screaming and laughing at myself. Despite my comical flops, he kept a straight face, being all professional and cheering me on to stay calm and focused. And let me tell you, witnessing a 6-foot person “gracefully” fall to the ground is a comedy show in itself. It’s like a slow-motion drop, with long legs and arms flailing in all directions 🙂

A Memorable Adventure in the Swiss Alps
A Memorable Adventure in the Swiss Alps

At the end of this holiday though, I felt I have conquered the mountains, thanks to my instructor expertise, patience, and encouragement. He made all the difference in turning what initially seemed daunting into an enjoyable and unforgettable adventure. I am also grateful to my husband for instilling in me a newfound appreciation for skiing and helping me conquer the initial challenges. Skiing for the first time taught me that every turn and twist is like learning to adapt and overcome challenges. I observed that engaging in these activity not only provides exercise but also promotes cardiovascular health and overall fitness.

Climb mountains not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world

David McCullough Jr
A Memorable Adventure in the Swiss Alps
A Memorable Adventure in the Swiss Alps

The early difficulties on the slopes are similar to life’s challenges, but with practice and staying strong, I gained control, smoothly navigating through the twists and turns. Reaching the bottom of the mountain feels like a victory, similar to my name. Since my childhood, I learned that challenges make us uncomfortable, but they develop virtues such as resilience, perseverance, endurance, and patience. Therefore, with each successful ride down the slopes, one gain confidence to overcome new challenges—whether on the slopes or in life. It all depends on our mindset.

My tips for First-Time Skiers

  • Invest in good quality technical base layer: thermal leggings under ski pants and a fleece and/or a lightweight insulated vest under your ski jacket.
  • Invest in good quality waterproof ski jacket and pants.
  • Ski gloves and socks with a high content of merino wool blended with elastic.
  • Waterproof boots that are long enough to cover your ankles
  • Don’t forget your winter hat and ski goggles, Yes, the heat from the sun in the mountains feels like summertime.
  • In the mountains, you usually burn a lot of energy. So, for a good meal, I recommend having both soup, meat, and of course, always leave some space for desserts. This will leave you satisfied, and the flavours are absolutely delicious.
A Memorable Adventure
A Memorable Adventure in the Swiss Alps

Beautiful Scenery

The Swiss Alps display awe- inspiring and breathtaking landscapes, with crystal clear lakes, stunning mountains views and lush greenery. While in the mountains, I absorbed my surroundings and fully immersed in the moment, surrounded by calm and peaceful environment that helps me feel deeply connected to nature. Additionally, the mountain air, being cleaner and fresher, provides an ideal environment to engage in meditation by concentrating on the breath—taking deep inhalations and exhaling slowly.

Fresh Mountain Air

The air is filled with a pure, refreshing coldness, and the snow is thick, displaying an enchanting white colour. The mountains contain a distinct form of oxygen that made me feel fresher, healthier, and energetic. This holiday was a chance to escape from daily routines, clear the mind, and focus on the present moment because that is all we have; the past is gone, and the future is unknown.

A Memorable Adventure
A Memorable Adventure in the Swiss Alps

In conclusion, surrounding ourself with the beauty of nature and immersing in different cultures, can strength health, enrich our intellect and broaden our perspectives. Indeed, I strongly believe that if we respect and understand each other’s cultures, these facilitates collective learning and foster collaborative efforts that can be employed to solve the problems our world is facing today.